About ZircoFlex®


Our innovative ZircoFlex® and ZircoFlex® FORM ceramic heat shield materials are particularly beneficial for those in search of a lightweight and flexible solution to heat management that can be easily retrofitted if necessary.

  • High performance with minimal weight and thickness – To help meet stringent weight and efficiency targets. ZircoFlex® I heatshield only weighs 0.46kg/m2 with a thickness of just 0.25mm.


  • Ease of fitment line-side – With a thin aluminium-backed and ceramic foil that is easily cut and folded to shape, by hand or machine. The metal construction allows the use of mechanical fasteners or high-temperature adhesives for this heatshield and can also be supplied with self-adhesive backing, good for up to 500°C.


  • A guaranteed supply line – For high-volume orders, with a proven track record supplying the worldwide motorsport industry.


  • Effective protection – Of engine bay components, bodywork and vulnerable electrics from engine and exhaust heat.


  • Reduced heat soak to the cabin – To reduce reliance on heavy heat insulation materials and improve passenger comfort.


  • Fuel tank protection – That is easily fitted to complex structures with sharp bend radius and where there is a minimal package space.


  • Thermal insulation of silencer and catalyst units – To protect bodywork, hydraulics and other vulnerable components.


  • Ready to use – Avoids lengthy design processes, which is particularly beneficial for testing and prototyping purposes with a ready to use heatshield.


  • Structural rigidity – Of ZircoFlex® FORM can be an advantage in a wide range of OEM applications. It offers a unique combination of high strength, low weight and high heat resistance.